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What are Antiquarian Books? Are They the Same as Rare Books?
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Rare secondhand or out-of-print
art books can be important
for research into painting and
sculpture, as well as less
popular artforms such as
mosaics, tapestry design,
stained glass and illuminated
manuscripts. Yes, Google and
Wikipedia may be dependable
online resources, but research
into (say) the lives of painters
or specific paintings, often
needs details that only
monographs/specialist books
can provide: and most are
are likely to be antiquarian or
out-of-print books, whose
bibliographies and other lists
of references, are likely to be
especially valuable. Plus, of
course, antiquarian art books
can be valuable sources of
quality images. Lastly, inside
a rare art book we often find
information that we didn't know
about and would therefore have
never looked for. For our
favourite online secondhand
book dealer, see:
Time Traveller's Bookshop.


With book publishers coming under increasing pressure to reduce costs, fewer art books are being republished. Worst hit are monographs of Old Masters, and scholarly books on art movements, styles and schools. At the same time, English translations of high quality titles are becoming less and less frequent. As a result, with so many scholarly works now out of print, secondhand book dealers are usually the only source for such titles.

But sourcing good quality Antiquarian or old secondhand art books is not easy. Many online dealers offer insufficient information about titles in stock, and postage rates can be prohibitive. As well as this, not all rare book dealers are sufficiently pro-active in seeking and acquiring quality collections.

As a website devoted to visual art, we are constantly searching for detailed information about painters and sculptors throughout the ages, and our favourite rare book dealer is the Time Traveller's Bookshop.

What are Antiquarian Books? Are They the Same as Rare Books?

First, let's deal with the question of terminology. What is an antiquarian book? In fact, what is the difference between a rare book and an antiquarian book?

These two rather vague terms are often used interchangeably, but their meanings are subtly different. An antiquarian book is an "old" book whose value stems from its early printing date, together with its general rarity, historical interest and the like. It is almost certain to be scondhand. However, a book does not need to be commercially valuable, in order to be labelled "antiquarian." By contrast, the term "rare book" carries the clear suggestion of commercial value. Furthermore, a "rare book" does not need to be old - it might be relatively or even brand new - it simply needs to have "rare" attributes.

So What Makes an Antiquarian Art Book Valuable?

So what attributes/factors make an old art book valuable? Why do certain old secondhand art books command a premium price in the market? According to some experts, in order to be considered "valuable", an antiquarian art book must meet one or more, of the following five criteria:

1. Limited Print Run. The total number of printed copies must be relatively small. The Der Blaue Reiter Almanach (1912), for instance, would be an ideal instance of this. However, being from a limited print-run alone, may be insufficient to create value. A self-published volume of watercolours, for instance, may be in exceedingly short supply, but still have no value.

2. Special Edition. The book may be a specially produced edition. First editions are usually the most valuable, but first translations, or specially amended versions may also be highly valued. Alternatively, it may be a specially illustrated edition with illustrations by a famous painter, like the 1916 edition of Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales, published by Harrap and illustrated by the Irish virtuoso Harry Clarke (1889–1931); or the 1857 edition of Poems by Alfred Lord Tennyson, illustrated by the Romantic painter John Everett Millais (1829-96); or Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1907), illustrated by Arthur Rackham (1867-1939).

3. Print Materials Used. An edition may be highly prized by collectors because of its characteristics as a physical object. For example, it may be printed on valuable type of paper or other material. Books on Chinese art and calligraphy, for instance, have been printed on silk, while nearly all books produced prior to 1450 were inscribed onto vellum. Less often, a secondhand book may command a high price because of its (miniature or exotic) format, or pop-up content.

4. Added Value. Almost any object may have value "added" to it, and books are no exception. Thus for instance, a mass-produced, secondhand book on Installation Art, published in 1995, which would normally be worth (say) $2.00, might be worth a hundred times more if it contained the signature of a famous modern artist such as Damien Hirst. A copy of the exhibition program to the Armory Show (1913) in New York, autographed and inscribed by the avant-garde artist Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968) might be worth a six-figure sum.

5. Physical Condition. While insufficient by itself to add rarity or intrinsic value to an art book, its physical condition - especially the quality of its colour plates, illuminations or illustrations - may be crucial to its value.

All rare antiquarian books must fulfill at least one of these five criteria: some may satisfy several.

How To Find Antiquarian and Rare Art Books on the Internet?

If you don't want to waste your time on the Internet, searching for endless hours, make use of these special so-called Meta-Search-Engines for the antiquarian fine art book market:

(1) vialibri.net or (2) addall.com

Enter a topic, author or Keyword and the search-engine runs a combined search of all book-related websites. You can further refine these searches by using the more advanced options provided.

Even better, you can buy most of the books directly from the booksellers. Let's say for example you found a result of a search for a rare monograph on Picasso, with an original lithograph. At "Vialibri" and "Addall", they will most likely show the results of listings at Amazon, Abebooks and Choosebooks, but in many cases you can also see the very same book offered "Direct from Bookseller". The link "Direct from Bookseller" will take you straight to the booksellers' website, which is often your friendliest and best option. For details of our favourite online dealer, see: Time Traveller's Bookshop.

Tips on Buying Rare or Secondhand Art Books Online

(1) Inaccurate Information

There are two potential problems when buying rare secondhand art books online. To begin with, not all websites provide sufficient information about the items in their rare books catalogue. Also, websites have been known to list books as available, when in fact they are not in stock at all. Bottom line: ideally, shop around until you find a reliable dealer. He/she will be worth their weight in gold.

(2) Shipping Costs

Nearly all websites dealing in antiquarian art books charge for shipping. This can be expensive. Bottom line: find a reliable dealer who doesn't charge for shipping. See, for instance, Time Traveller's Bookshop.

(3) Dealers Better in the Long Run

Since approximately 1996, thousands of specialist antiquarian bookdealers worldwide are offering rare art books online. Some antiquarian bookdealers are part of larger trade associations, like the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers (ILAB) (website: ilab.org) or the International Online Booksellers Association (IOBA) (website: ioba.org), but there are also numerous independent booksellers who are selling the same books and offer a similar service. Dealing with members of bookseller-organizations or professional booksellers - rather than private individuals selling secondhand art books on eBay or elsewhere - does not guarantee quality of descriptions or fair trade, but it does help you to establish a commercial relationship in the market, which may be valuable in the long run. Furthermore, a minimum of common sense can help you to determine the professionalism of a dealer: look at their websites and their book descriptions; don't be afraid to ask a few questions by email; and you should get a feel for the service they offer.

Our Favourite Dealer: Time Traveller's Bookshop

We recommend The Time Traveller's Bookshop for two reasons:

(1) It has a wide and highly informative online catalogue of out-of-print and antiquarian art books. (2) It offers worldwide FREE shipping on any item.

Furthermore, the firm has good contacts with important book dealers around the world and regularly obtains art books from private collections of serious collectors, scholars and booksellers, located mostly around the most important universities in North America and Britain.

For more, see: Time Traveller's Bookshop and Gallery.




Best Publishers of Art Books

Need information about who publishes the best art books? See below for a list of book publishers, in Europe, America and worldwide, specializing in all types of art, notably fine art. Publications include all subject areas, including monographs on the world's greatest visual artists, history of art movements, as well as reference works on: painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, crafts, design, illustration, aesthetics, museum exhibitions and collections, objets d'art, and more. Plus learn-how-to books on drawing, colour charts, mixing colours, linear perspective, oils, watercolours and acrylics, for children and adults. See also: Best Art Schools.

Publishers of the Best Art Books in Britain/UK

AAPPL Artists and Photographers Press Ltd
London, United Kingdom
Art Publications: Art and photography books.
See also: Greatest Photographers (1880-present).

Antique Collectors' Club
Woodbridge, United Kingdom
Reference books on painting, sculpture, objets d'art.

Architectural Association School of Architecture
London, United Kingdom
Architecture, landscape, urban design; history, contemporary projects.

Art Books International
London, United Kingdom
Fine and applied arts, architecture, design, photography, graphics.

Art Data
London, United Kingdom
Catalogues on visual arts, architecture, photography, including British and foreign museum collections.

The Art Institute of Chicago Publications Dept
Chicago, USA
Books on visual arts, including textiles, conservation, architecture, paintings, decorative arts, photography and drawings, sculpture, and history of culture.


Asia Ink
London, United Kingdom
Illustrated books on art, contemporary design history, with an emphasis on Asia.

Book Works
London, United Kingdom
Contemporary artists books on well established, and new and emerging painters, sculptors and others.

Booth-Clibborn Editions
London, United Kingdom
Illustrated books on international fine art, plus museum books.

British Museum Press
London, United Kingdom
Range of museum-linked art, archeology and cultural publications.

Cameron & Hollis
Moffat, United Kingdom
Contemporary art including land art, art history, decorative art, collecting, cinematography and architecture.

Chaucer Press
London, United Kingdom
Books on fine art, architecture, literature, history, and biography.

Conran Octopus Ltd
London, United Kingdom
Illustrated books on interior design, decorating, crafts.

Eaglemoss Publishing Group Ltd
London, United Kingdom
Books on photography, crafts, art, home decorating, needlecrafts.

I.B. Tauris & Co. Ltd
London, United Kingdom
Topics published include: art, architecture, animation, film and visual culture.


Kodansha Europe Ltd
London, United Kingdom
Books on art, craft, design, architecture, in English, on Japan and S.E. Asia.

Kube Publishing Ltd
Leicester, United Kingdom
Topics published include: Islamic art and culture, including architecture.

Laurence King Publishing Ltd
London, United Kingdom
Graphic design, contemporary architecture fashion, product design, art and the humanities.

Liverpool University Press
Liverpool, United Kingdom
Topics published include: art and visual culture.

Lund Humphries
Farnham, United Kingdom
Fine art, decorative art, photography, architecture and design. Also publishes in conjunction with museums and galleries.

Merrell Publishers
London, United Kingdom
Books on visual arts, architecture, fine art photography, design.

N.G. Art Books
London, United Kingdom
Painting, sculpture and architecture.

National Galleries of Scotland
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
The NGS publishing department creates high quality art and photography books in support of exhibitions and its permanent collection.

National Gallery Company Limited
London, United Kingdom
Publishes books relating to the permanent collection and exhibition program.

National Portrait Gallery Publications
London, United Kingdom
Fine art, photography, biography and history.

Phaidon Press Ltd
London, United Kingdom
One of the world's best publishers of books on the visual arts including all areas of painting, sculpture, contemporary artworks, art history, artist monographs, biographies and historical movements. Excellent volumes on Northern Renaissance art (1400-1600) and Italian High Renaissance painting.

Philip Berrill International Ltd
Southport, United Kingdom
Topics published include: Everyone's Guide to... art book series, featuring drawing/sketching, watercolours, oils, acrylic painting, landscape pictures, portraits.

Philip Wilson Publishers Ltd
London, United Kingdom
Illustrated art books, museum guides, exhibiton catalogues, reference books, biographies/ monographs for art historians and collectors of works of art and objets d'art.

Prestel Publishing Ltd
London, United Kingdom
Topics published include: Fine and decorative arts, architecture, design, photography.

Reaktion Books Ltd
London, United Kingdom
Fine arts, design, architecture, cinematography, cultural studies.

River Books Press
London, United Kingdom
Illustrated books on the art, culture and history of Southeast Asia, notably Thailand.

Royal Academy of Arts RA Enterprises Ltd
London, United Kingdom - see also: Royal College of Art.
Art books, international exhibition catalogues on all aspects of fine art.

Royal Collection Publications and Picture Library
London, United Kingdom
Royal Collection Publications produces books and catalogues of the British Royal Art Collection and the royal palaces.

Glasgow, United Kingdom
Illustrated books on the arts, architecture, art history.

Sirrocco-Parkstone International
London, United Kingdom
Illustrated fine art books.

Slovart (UK) Ltd
Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom
Books on Czech and Slovakian art, artifacts, ojects d'art.

Southbank Publishing
London, United Kingdom
Photography and art books.

Stobart Davies
Ammanford, United Kingdom
Books on wood carving and woodworking skills for the professional craftsman and hobbyists.

Tate Publishing
London, United Kingdom
General art books, exhibition catalogues and gallery guides in the area of contemporary art and British art since 1500.


Thames & Hudson Ltd
London, United Kingdom
One of the world's most eminent art book publishers. Covers all aspects of art history, international and national painting movements, Old Masters, contemporary painters and sculptors, representational and abstract art, architecture, design and crafts from around the globe.

London, United Kingdom
Award-winning photography and art books.

Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) Publications
London, United Kingdom
Popular and academic books on fine and decorative arts, architecture and photography. See also: Victoria and Albert Museum.

Verba Volant
London, United Kingdom
Illustrated books on interior design, art, and architecture.

Wiley-Academy A division of John Wiley & Sons
London, United Kingdom
Architecture, decorative art and design.

Windsor Books International
Ruscombe, United Kingdom
Art, architecture and crafts.

Wisdom Tree
Reading, United Kingdom
Illustrated books on Indian art and culture.

Yale University Press
London, United Kingdom
Academic and general interest books in the humanities and social sciences, including art and architecture.

For up to date news, see: Art News Headlines.

Publishers of the Best Art Books in Europe


Wien, Austria
Classical, Pre-historical and Christian archeology, books on Egyptian art, other types of ancient art, numismatics and epigraphy.


Mercatorfonds NV
Brüssel, Belgium
Fine art books.

Prisme Editions
Brussels, Belgium
Books on visual arts, architects and artists.

Czech Republic

Aventinum Publishing House
Prague, Czech Republic
Topics published include: Art books, nature books, and children's books, illustrated by famous painters.


Thaning & Appel
Copenhagen, Denmark
Books about fine art, artists, architecture.

Maahenki Ltd
Helsinki, Finland
Visual arts, particularly artistic photography, and contemporary folk art.


Arcueil, France
Specialises in books on the works of great painters from 17th-20th century.

Biro Editeur
Paris, France
General art books.

Couleurs Contemporaines Bernard Chauveau Editeur
Suresnes, France
Modern and contemporary culture, including computer art.

Dessain et Tolra
Paris, France
Graphic art, crafts and hobbies.

European Colleges of Art
Ecole Des Beaux Arts Paris
Best Art Schools in Florence
Art Schools in Rome

Editions Citadelles & Mazenod
Paris, France
History of painting/sculpture, architecture, decorative arts.

Editions de I'Amateur
Paris, France
Painting, sculpture, ceramics, porcelain, antiquities, archeology.

Editions de la Villette Ecole d'Architecture de Paris La Villette
Paris, France
Urban architecture, design.

Editions du Musee Rodin
Paris, France
The Rodin Museum publishes up-to-date works and catalogues on the sculptures and work of Auguste Rodin.


Editions Marval Edigroup
Paris, France
Fine arts and photography.

Editions Menges / Sand
Paris, France
History of art, biographies of artists.

Editions Xavier Barral
Paris, France
Illustrated books on photography, visual arts and artists.

Hazan (Hachette Illustre)
Vanves, France
Architecture, design, art and photography.

Images en Manoeuvres Editions
Marseille, France
Photographic works, modern and contemporary art, architecture.

Lieux Dits
Lyon, France
Art, photography and architecture.

Terrail / Edigroup
Paris, France
Books on painting, architecture, sculpture.


Die Gestalten Verlag GmbH & Co. KG
Berlin, Germany
Design, fine art, architecture, book illustration.

Edition Ehrt
Kleinmachnow, Germany
Original graphic books, artistic collections.

Elisabeth Sandmann Verlag
Munich, Germany
Illustrated books on art, cultural history.

Nazraeli Press
Berlin, Germany
Fine and applied arts.

Taschen GmbH
Köln, Germany
One of the world's leading producer's of fine art books. Covers everything from prehistoric art, to Greek sculpture, Roman reliefs, Byzantine iconography, Italian Renaissance art, Baroque, Rococo, and Neoclassical eras. Also covers the modern era of painting and sculpture, including Impressionism, Expressionism, Cubism, Dada, Surrealism and Pop art, along with avant-garde contemporary artworks from around the world.


Kapon Editions
Athens, Greece
Archeology, Greek art and civilization. Including monographs, and exhibition catalogues.

Melissa Publishing House
Athens, Greece
Illustrated books on art, archeology, architecture, interior design, history and Greek sculpture.


Officina Publishing
Budapest, Hungary
Illustrated non-fiction books on cultural history, archeology, and art.


Artvision Books
Antella (Florence), Italy
Illustrated general art books.

Arsenale Editrice-EBS Group
San Giovanni Lupatoto (VR), Italy
Art, architecture, archeology, photography.

Bolis Edizioni
Azzano S Paolo (BG), Italy
Illustrated books on art, architecture, photography.

Gabriele Mazzotta Editore
Milano, Italy
Focuses on 20th century art.

Grafiche Vianello Vianello Libri Publishing House
Ponzano Veneto (TV), Italy
Large-size photo books, books on architecture.

Hopefulmonster Editore s.r.l.
Torino, Italy
Contemporary visual art, including artists books, monographs, exhibition catalogues.

II Castello S.r.l.
Cornaredo (MI), Italy
Illustrated reference and how-to books on art techniques (painting, drawing, sketching), crafts, stained glass, wood-carving, origami, photography.


Johan & Levi Editore
Monza, Italy
Modern and contemporary art books, artists, monographs, biographies.

Libro Co. Italia Srl
San Casciano Val di Pesa (FI), Italy
Books on Italian art, architecture and religious art.

Magnus Edizioni SpA
Fagagna (Udine), Italy
Illustrated books on fine art, archeology, architecture.

Maurizio Corraini Srl
Mantova, Italy
Illustration and design.

Mondadori Electa SpA
Milano, Italy
Books on architecture, catalogues of exhibitions, Vatican museums and galleries.

Skira Editore
Milano-Geneve, Italy
Monographs, exhibition catalogues on art, architecture, design, photography, archeology and art theory.

Roma, Italy
Specializes in writings by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Vision Srl
Roma, Italy
Specializes in illustrations of archeological sites.


Amsterdam University Press
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Academic and trade publisher of books on art history, film and cultural studies.

Episode Publishers
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Books on art, culture, architecture.

Idea Books
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Books and catalogues on contemporary architecture, art, design, photography, and film.

NAi Publishers
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Publications on architecture, town planning, modern art and design.

THOTH Publishers
Bussum, Netherlands
Publishers of art, architecture, town planning, design, photography and history.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Contemporary art, photography, architecture, design, and typography. Theory, monographs, critique.

Veenman Drukkers B.V.
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Artists books by young emerging artists.


Bosz Publishing House
Lesko, Poland
Illustrated books on art and cultural heritage, liaising with the best Polish artists and museums.


Agey Tomesh/WAM Publishing House
Moscow, Russia
Illustrated books on Russian Medieval painting and modern culture: including collections, museums, exhibitions.

AST Press
Moscow, Russia
Published range includes illustrated books on art.

Northern Pilgrim Publishing House
Moscow, Russia
Monographs and illustrated collections of medieval Russian art, architecture, Christian antiquities, metalwork, costumes, icons and iconography.

Moscow, Russia
General art books.


Slovenska Narodna Galeria
Bratislava, Slovakia
Also publishes numerous fine art books, notably studies of Gothic architecture.


Barcelona, Spain
Architecture, graphic design, and contemporary art, focusing on works by established and emerging architects, designers, and photographers.


Ciruelo-Fanlasy Art DAC Editions
Barcelona, Spain
Fantasy art, prints.

Documenta Artes y Ciencias Visuales
Madrid, Spain
Books on art, photography, architecture, design

Barcelona, Spain
Art, architecture, archeology, design, catalogues of exhibitions, museums and galleries.

M. Moleiro Editor, S.A.
Barcelona, Spain
Fascimile Medieval and renaissance manuscripts, reference and fine art books.

Monsa Publications Instituto Monsa de Ediciones, S.A.
Barcelona, Spain
Architecture, art, design and graphic design.


Edition Dino Simonett
Zürich, Switzerland
Illustrated art books.

Edizioni Periferia Flurina & Gianni Paravicini-Tonz
Luzern, Switzerland
Contemporary art books.

JRP Ringier Kunstverlag AG
Zürich, Switzerland
Contemporary art, artists' books/writings, anthologies of avant-garde styles, exhibition catalogues.

Scheidegger & Spiess Publishers
Zürich, Switzerland
Art, photography, architecture, documentary literature on 20th and 21st century art.

Verlag Museum Rietberg
Zürich, Switzerland
Exhibition catalogues and monographs on world art (Islamic countries, India, China, Japan, Africa, Oceanic art, ancient Americas).

Publishers of the Best Art Books in America

Ars Libri Ltd
Boston, USA
Rare academic books in the area of fine arts, covering all periods/movements, from 16th-century architectural treatises to modern artworks and artists of the avant-garde.

Booklyn Artists Alliance
Brooklyn, USA
Contemporary handmade artists books by acclaimed artists including Chuck Close, Stephen Dupont, Veronika Schapers, Organik, and Christopher Wilde.

Dover Publications, Inc.
Mineola, USA
Fine art, graphic design (pictorial archive and clip art), crafts, architecture.

Empire Editions LLC
New York, USA
Illustrated books on photography, architecture, design, and the fine arts.

F + W Publications, Inc
Cincinnati, USA
Practical art and fantasy drawing instruction, crafts, woodworking, scrapbooking, and graphic design.

Getty Publications
Los Angeles, USA
Books on Greek and Roman sculpture, European paintings, drawings, photography, the history of art, and art documentation research.

Harry N. Abrams, Inc.
New York, USA
Art and art history, photography, design, architecture, fine and decorative arts.

Hudson Hills Press LLC
Manchester, USA
Fine art, architecture, photography and decorative arts.

Lark Books
Asheville, USA
Crafts, textiles, hobbies, art.

Chicago, USA
Books on architecture, design, ornaments, photography, typography.

Leonardo Publishing
New York, USA
Illustrated books about photography, art, design.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York, USA
Produces academic and general fine art publications about The Metropolitan Museum of Art permanent collection, including American Indian art from Neolithic times onwards. Also publishes exhibition catalogs and children's books.

MIT Press
Cambridge, USA
Academic and scholarly books in subject areas like art and architecture.

The Monacelli Press
New York, USA
Illustrated hardback and paperback books on art, architecture, decorative arts, photography, landscape, urbanism, and graphic design.


Museum of Modern Art
New York, USA
Produces books and catalogs on art, architecture, design, photography, and film.

National Gallery of Art Publishing Office, Washington, DC
Washington DC, USA
Range of fine art books.

Pennsylvania State University Press
University Park, USA
Publishes academic books on topics including art history.

Players Press Inc.
Studio City, USA
Books on the performing arts.

Prestel Publishing
New York, USA
Fine and decorative arts, architecture, design, photography.

Serindia Publications Inc.
Chicago, USA
Books on the arts of Tibet, the Himalayas and Central Asia; also, monographs on the history of Asian art, plus museum and exhibition catalogues.

University of Illinois Press
Champaign, USA
Wide range of academic subjects including art and architecture.

Walter Foster Publishing
Laguna Hills, USA
Specializes in "how to" drawing and painting books.

Watson-Guptill Publications
New York, USA
Illustrated instructional and reference books for adults and children on art, craft, photography, performing and visual arts, architecture and interior design.

Yale University Press
New Haven
Scholarly and general interest books in the humanities, particularly art and architecture.

Publishers of the Best Art Books in the Near East

Insan Yayinlari
Istanbul, Turkey
Books on Islamic culture and civilization.

Israel Museum Products Ltd
Jerusalem, Israel
Publishers of book and exhibitions catalogues relating to archeology, judaica and Jewish art.

Publishers of the Best Art Books in Asia

Abhinav Publications
New Delhi, India
Books on art and architecture of India.

Asia One Product & Publishing Ltd
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Visual art, design and photography.

Graphic-Sha Publishing Co., Ltd
Tokyo, Japan
Books on design, art, architecture, photography, manga techniques and Japanese culture.

Mapin Publishing Pvt. Ltd
Ahmedabad, India
Illustrated books on art from India, culture, history, architecture, photography, and crafts; catalogues and regerence works for art galleries and museums.

PIE Co., Ltd. (PIE Books)
Tokyo, Japan
Graphic design, visual art, photography, Japanese art and culture.

Tumbleweed Creative
Singapore, Singapore
Art/graphic books on Asian civilization, culture and philosophy.

Victionary Viction Workshop Ltd
North Point, Hong Kong
Design, graphic arts and illustration books.

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