Famous Landscape Paintings
Selection of the Greatest Landscapes in the History of Art.

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The Tempest (c.1508) (Detail)
By Giorgione. One of the earliest
Old Master paintings to include
a significant amount of landscape.

Famous Landscape Paintings (c.1500-2000)


16th-Century Landscapes

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Barbizon School of Landscape Painting (c.1830-75)
English Landscape Painting (c.1700-1900)
Impressionist Landscape Paintings (c.1870-1900)
• For analysis of great landscapes, see: Famous Paintings Analyzed.

View of San Giorgio Maggiore Venice
Museu Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon.
By Francesco Guardi.

Ville d'Avray (1867)
National Gallery of Art, Washingon DC
By Camille Corot.


Up until the late seventeenth century, hardly any landscape painting was produced that was devoid of narrative. This was due to the influence of Academic art, which ranked landscapes low on the hierarchy of genres. Although some pure landscapes were painted in the 17th and 18th centuries (notably by the Venetian School), it wasn't until the 19th century - thanks to the efforts of the English School, and the Barbizon School - that the independent genre of landscape painting really took off. Other notable groups of 19th century English landscape artists include: the Norwich School, the Newlyn School, and the St Ives School. In America, the Hudson River School and the Luminism group were the leading exponents of scenic art. In Russia, the Society for Itinerant Art Exhibitions (known less formally as the Itinerants or Wanderers) became the most progressive group of landscape painters.

Here is our selected list of landscape paintings, including scenic views of countryside, seascapes and townscapes by the best landscape artists in the history of Western art.

Famous Landscapes of the Sixteenth Century

The Tempest (1506) - Giorgione
Landscape with Footbridge (1518) - Albrecht Altdorfer of the Danube School
Danubian Landscape (1520-25) - Altdorfer
Journey Into the Underworld (1522)
- Joachim Patenier
Adam and Eve (1550) - Tintoretto
Landscape with the Fall of Icarus (1558) - Pieter Bruegel the Elder
Hunters in the Snow (1565) - Pieter Bruegel
Landscape with Fishing Scene (1588) - Annibale Carracci
View of Toledo (1597) - El Greco

In addition, see also the watercolours produced by the German Renaissance painter and printmaker Albrecht Durer, during his trip to Italy (1490s).

Cotopaxi (1862) oil on canvas,
Detroit Institute of Arts.
By Frederic Edwin Church.

By the Whirlpool (1892)
Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.
By Isaac Levitan.

Famous Landscapes of the Seventeenth Century

Flight into Egypt (1609) - Adam Elsheimer
St George Killing the Dragon (1610) - Domenichino
Wooded River Landscape (1640) - Salomon van Ruysdael
The Archery Contest (1645) - David Teniers the Younger
Landscape with the Marriage of Issac and Rebecca (1648) - Claude Lorrain
Ashes of Phocion (1648) - Nicolas Poussin
Dordrecht from the North (1650) - Aelbert Cuyp
Courtyard of a House in Delft (1658) - Pieter de Hooch
A Waterfall in a Rocky Landscape (1660) - Jacob van Ruisdael
Landscape with a Ruined Castle and a Village Church - Jacob van Ruisdael
View of Delft (1661) - Jan Vermeer


Famous Landscapes of the Eighteenth Century

The Pilgrimage to Cythera (1717) - Jean-Antoine Watteau
The Basin of St Marco, Ascension Day (1740) - Canaletto
Reception of the French Ambassador in Venice - Canaletto
Entrance to the Grand Canal, Venice (1741) - Bernardo Bellotto
Cornard Wood (1748) - Thomas Gainsborough
Mr and Mrs Andrews (1750) - Thomas Gainsborough
The Destruction of Niobe's Children (1760) - Richard Wilson
View of San Giorgio Maggiore Venice (1760) - Francesco Guardi
The Pont du Gard Nimes (1767) - William Marlowe
An Italianate River Landscape - Francesco Zuccarelli
Ruins with Figures - Giovanni Panini
The Swing (1767) - Jean-Honore Fragonard
Landscape with Ruins (1775) - Francesco Guardi
London From Greenwich Hill (1791) - John Robert Cozens
Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devon (1798) - Thomas Girtin
The White House Chelsea (1799) - Thomas Girtin


Famous Landscapes of the Nineteenth Century

Early 19th-century English landscape painting, mid-century Barbizon painters and late 19th-century French Impressionism all boosted the quality and appeal of landscape painting. In addition, they were strong advocates of plein air painting, and their work triggered a mini-Renaissance of spontaneous open air painting across Europe. To understand more about the Impressionist style of landscape art, see: Characteristics of Impressionist Painting 1870-1910.)

Chirk Aquaduct (1804) - John Sell Cotman
The Poringland Oak (c.1810) - John Crome
Winter Landscape (1811) - Caspar David Friedrich
Hannibal and His Army Crossing the Alps (1812) - JMW Turner
Boat-building Near Flatford Mill (1815) - John Constable
Chalk Cliffs on Rugen (1818) - Caspar David Friedrich
The Hay Wain (1821) - John Constable
Landscape with Repose of the Holy Family (1825) - Samuel Palmer
The Last of the Mohicans (1826) - Thomas Cole
Mount Fuji in Clear Weather (c.1829) - Katsushika Hokusai
The Burning of the Houses of Lords and Commons (1835) - JMW Turner
Australian Landscape with Cattle (1835) - John Glover
The Fighting Temeraire (1839) - JMW Turner
American Lake Scene (1844) - Thomas Cole
Fur Trappers Descending the Missouri (1845) - George Caleb Bingham
The Forest of Fontainebleau, Morning (1850) - Theodore Rousseau
The River Seine at Mantes (1850) - Charles-Francois Daubigny
The Great Day of His Wrath (1853) - John Martin
Lake George (1860) - John Frederick Kensett
Twilight in the Wilderness (1860) - Frederic Edwin Church
Cotopaxi (1862) - Frederic Edwin Church
Souvenir de Mortefontaine (1864) - Camille Corot
Road in Louveciennes (1870) - Camille Pissarro
Autumn Landscape (c.1870) - Jan Hendrik Weissenbruch
The Thames Below Westminster (1871) - Claude Monet
Impression Sunrise (1873) - Claude Monet
Rue de la Machine, Louveciennes (1873) - Alfred Sisley
Wild Poppies Near Argenteuil (1873) - Claude Monet
Beach Scene, Trouville (1873) - Eugene Boudin
Misty Morning (1874) - Alfred Sisley
Ville d'Avray (1875) - Camille Corot
Climbing Path, L'Hermitage Pontoise (1875) - Camille Pissarro
Red Roofs (1877) - Camille Pissarro
The Path in the Grass (1877) - Renoir
Snow at Louveciennes (1878) - Alfred Sisley
The Vegetable Garden (1879) - Camille Pissarro
Nightfall Down the Thames (1880) - Atkinson Grimshaw
An Early Winter (1882) - John Twachtman
Church Procession, Spanish Steps (1883) - Childe Hassam
A Hind's Daughter (1883) - James Guthrie
A Sunday Afternoon on Island of La Grange Jatte (1884) - Georges Seurat
Bathers at Asnieres (1884) - Georges Seurat
Sea of Mist (Mare di nebbia) (1885) - Vittore Grubicy de Dragon
Water Lily series of paintings (c.1885-1925) - Claude Monet
Eight Bells (1886) - Winslow Homer
Island of the Dead (1889) - Arnold Bocklin
Cherry Tree (1888) - Van Gogh
The Old Mill (1888) - Van Gogh
Bridge at Arles (1888) - Van Gogh
Cypresses (1889) - Van Gogh
Starry Night (1889) - Van Gogh
Morning in a Pine Forest (1889) - Ivan Shishkin
Going Home (1889) - Charles Conder
Autumn Gold (1890) - George Inness
Secluded Monastery (1890) - Isaac Levitan
Wheat Field with Crows (1890) - Van Gogh
Floods at Port Marly (1890) - Alfred Sisley
The Moret Bridge in the Sun (1892) - Alfred Sisley
By the Whirlpool
(1892) - Isaac Levitan
Vladimirka (The Road to Vladimir)
(1892) - Isaac Levitan
The Iles d'Or (The Iles d'Hyeres)
(c.1892) - Henry-Edmond Cross
The Evening Air
(c.1893) - Henry-Edmond Cross
Summer Evening on Skagen's South Beach
(1893) - P.S.Kroyer
The Railway Station, Redfern
(1893) - Arthur Streeton
The Bridge at Moret
(1893) - Alfred Sisley
In the Garden (1894) - Edouard Vuillard
Summer Evening on the Southern Beach (1893) - P.S.Kroyer
The Purple Noon's Transparent Might (1896) - Arthur Streeton
Annecy Lake (1896) - Cezanne
Bridge Over A Pool of Water Lilies (1899) - Claude Monet

Famous Landscapes of the Twentieth Century

The White Bridge (1900) - John Twachtman
The Papal Palace, Avignon
(1900) - Paul Signac
Chateau Noir
(1900-04) - Cezanne
Blue Roofs (1901) - Picasso
Colts at Watering Place: Domotcanovo (1904) - Valentin Serov
The Pioneer (1904) - Fred McCubbin
Central Park (1905) - George Wesley Bellows
Luxe, Calme et Volupte (1905) - Henri Matisse
Grand Canal, Venice (1905) - Paul Signac
Champs de Ble and Restaurant at Bougival (1905-6) - Maurice de Vlaminck
The Blue House (1906) - Maurice de Vlaminck
Charing Cross Bridge I (1906) - Andre Derain
Houses at L'Estaque (1908) - Georges Braque
Landscape, Murnau (1909) - Alexei von Jawlensky
Landscape Near Dresden (1910) - Erich Heckel
View of the Thames in the Evening (1926) - Oskar Kokoschka
The Entire City (1935) - Max Ernst
Dead Sea (1940-41) - Paul Nash
St Ives, Cornwall (1943-45) - Ben Nicholson
Sofala (1947) - Russell Drysdale

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