Italian Baroque Artists
Painters, Sculptors, Printmakers, Architects, 17th Century Italy.

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The Descent from the Cross (1612-14)
Cathedral of Our Lady, Antwerp.
By Peter Paul Rubens, the greatest
Baroque painter outside Italy.

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Italian Baroque Artists (c.1600-1700)

The Baroque Period

In 1517, Martin Luther triggered the Protestant Reformation, casting European-wide doubt on the value of the Roman Church. This led to a worldwide propaganda campaign of Catholic Counter-Reformation art, launched by Rome, in which renewed patronage of architecture and the visual arts was a key element. This stimulated the emergence of the late sixteenth century anti-Mannerist Bolognese School, led by Annibale Carracci, and the seventeenth century Baroque art movement.

Baroque Architecture in Italy

Famous Italian Baroque architects include: Giacomo Baozzi da Vignola (1507-73), papal architect to Pope Julius III and the Farnese family; Gianlorenzo Bernini (1598-1680), a designer who perfectly expressed the tenets of the Counter Reformation; Francesco Borromini (1599-1667), a lifelong rival of Bernini; and Pietro da Cortona (1596-1669), a protege of Pope Urban VIII. For more about building design in the 17th century, see: Baroque architecture.

Ecstasy of Saint Teresa (1647–1655)
Cornaro Chapel,
Santa Maria della Vittoria, Rome.
A masterpiece of Christian art of
the Catholic Counter-Reformation by
the great Italian sculptor Bernini.

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Judith Beheading Holofernes (1620)
Uffizi Gallery, Florence.
By Artemisia Gentileschi, the
finest female painter of the Baroque.

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Baroque Sculpture in Italy

Famous exponents of Baroque sculpture in Italy include: Giovanni Bernini (1598-1680), Guglielmo della Porta; Alessandro Algardi (1595-1654) a favourite of Pope Leo XI; Ercole Ferrata, one of Bernini's top pupils and Giovanni Battisto Foggini (1652-1725) the Florentine sculptor of the Medici family. For more, see also: Baroque Sculptors.

Baroque Painting in Italy

Baroque painting is best represented by artists like: Guido Reni (1575-1642), the master from Bologna inspired by Raphael; Annibale Carracci (1560-1609), co-founder - along with his brother Agostino Carracci (1557-1602) and cousin Ludovico Carracci (1555-1619) - of the Bolognese School, and noted also for his Farnese Palace frescos; Domenichino (1581-1641) who produced classical idealized landscapes and figures; Giovanni Lanfranco (1582-1647), noted for his large-scale illusionist decorative art; and Caravaggio (1571-1610) the enormously influential Italian Mannerist/Baroque painter and inventor of Tenebrism, popularized as Caravaggism. Other key Baroque painters active in Italy include the great exponents of quadratura Andrea Pozzo (1642-1709) and Pietro da Cortona (1596-1665) - who, between them, produced some of the best Baroque paintings - the French classical painter Nicolas Poussin (1594–1665), and the French Italianate landscape artist Claude Lorrain (1600–1682). Late Baroque Venetian painting is exemplified by the fresco quadraturista Tiepolo (1696-1770). See also: Baroque Portraits.

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A particularly important centre of 17th century Counter-Reformation Baroque painting was Naples - then the second largest city in Europe after Paris. For more about the Neapolitan School, see: Painting in Naples (c.1600-1700). For more about Caravaggism in the city, see: Caravaggio in Naples (1607, 1610). For early Baroque art in Naples, see: Neapolitan School of Painting (1600-56); for later developments, see: Neapolitan Baroque (c.1650-1700).

List of Italian Baroque Artists

Among the many Baroque masters of painting, sculpture, architecture and other visual arts in 17th century Italy, were the following:

Albani, Francesco (1578-1660) Painter (Bologna)
Albotto, Francesco (1721-1757) Painter (Venice)
Algardi, Alessandro (1598-1654) Sculptor (Rome)
Allori, Cristofano (1577-1621) Painter (Florence)
Amigoni, Jacopo (1682-1752) Painter (Venice)
Angeli, Giuseppe (1712-1798) Painter (Venice)
Angeluccio (Active 1640-1650) Painter (Rome)
Ansaldo, G. Andrea (1584-1638) Painter (Genoa)
Assereto, Gioachino (1600-1649) Painter (Genoa)
Baciccio (1639-1709) Painter (Rome)
Badalocchio, Sisto (1585-c.1619) Painter (Rome)
Baglione, Giovanni (c.1566-1643) Painter (Rome)
Balestra, Antonio (1666-1740) Painter (Verona)
Bambini, Nicolò (1651-1736) Painter (Venice)
Barbieri, Paolo Antonio (1603-1649) Painter
Baschenis, Evaristo (1617-1677) Painter (Bergamo)
Bassano, Leandro (1557-1622) Painter (Venice) - see Jacopo Bassano
Bassetti, Marcantonio (1588-1630) Painter (Verona)
Bazzani, Giuseppe (1690-1769) Painter (Mantua)
Bellucci, Antonio (1654-1726) Painter
Belvedere, Andrea (1652-1732) Painter (Naples)
Benedetti, Andries (c.1615-1649) Painter
Bernero, Giovanni Battista (1736-1796) Sculptor (Turin)
Bernini (1598-1680) Sculptor (Rome)
Bianchi, Pietro (1694-1740) Painter (Rome)
Bilivert, Giovanni (1576-1644) Painter (Florence)
Bimbi, Bartolomeo (1648-1730) Painter (Florence)
Bolgi, Andrea (1605-1656) Sculptor (Rome)
Bombelli, Sebastiano (1635-1719) Painter (Venice)
Bonazza, Giovanni (1654-1736) Sculptor (Padua)
Bonzi, Pietro Paolo (c.1576-1636) Painter (Rome)
Borgianni, Orazio (1574-1616) Painter (Rome)
Borromini, Francesco (1599-1667) Rival architect to Bernini (Rome)
Bracci, Pietro (1700-1773) Sculptor (Rome)
Brandi, Giacinto (1621-1691) Painter
Brizio, Francesco (c.1574-1623) Painter (Bologna)
Brustolon, Andrea (1662-1732) Cabinet-Maker (Venice)
Busiri, Giovanni Battista (1698-1757) Painter (Rome)
Cabianca, Francesco (1665-1737) Sculptor (Venice)
Caccianiga, Francesco (1700-1781) Painter
Cades, Giuseppe (1750-1799) Painter (Rome)
Caffa, Melchiore (1635-1667) Sculptor (Rome)
Caffi, Margherita (c.1650-1710) Painter
Cagnacci, Guido (1601-1682) Painter
Camassei, Andrea (1602-1649) Painter (Rome)
Cametti, Bernardino (1669-1736) Sculptor (Rome)
Campagna, Girolamo (c.1549-1625) Sculptor (Venice)
Canal, Bernardo (1664-1744) Painter (Venice)
Canal, Giovanni Antonio (See also: Canaletto)
Canaletto (1697-1768) Painter (Venice)
Cantarini, Simone (1612-1648) Painter (Pesaro)
Cappella, Francesco (1711-1774) Painter (Bergamo)
Caracciolo, Giovanni Battista (1578-1635) Painter (Naples)
Caravaggio (1571-1610) Painter (Rome)
Carlevaris, Luca (1663-1730) Painter (Venice)
Carlone, Giovanni Andrea (1639-1697) Painter (Genoa)
Carlone, Giovanni Battista (1603-1684) Painter (Genoa)
Carneri, Matteo (1592-1673) Sculptor
Caro, Baldassare De (c.1689-1750) Painter (Naples)
Caroselli, Angelo (1585-1652) Painter (Rome)
Carpioni, Giulio (1613-1678) Painter (Venice)
Carracci, Agostino (1557-1602) Engraver (Bologna)
Carracci, Annibale (1560-1609) Painter (Bologna)
Carracci, Antonio (c.1583-1618) Painter (Bologna)
Carracci, Lodovico (1555-1619) Painter (Bologna)
Carriera, Rosalba (1675-1757) Painter (Venice)
Castello, Valerio (1624-1659) Painter (Genoa)
Castiglione, Giovanni Benedetto (1609-1664) Painter (Genoa)
Cavallino, Bernardo (1616-c.1656) Painter (Naples)
Cavarozzi, Bartolomeo (c.1590-1625) Painter (Rome)
Celesti, Andrea (1637-1712) Painter (Venice)
Cerquozzi, Michelangelo (1602-1660) Painter (Rome)
Cerrini, Giovanni Domenico (1609-1681) Painter
Ceruti, Giacomo (1698-1767) Painter (Lombardy)
Cesari, Giuseppe (1568-1640) Painter (Rome)
Cignani, Carlo (1628-1719) Painter (Bologna)
Cignaroli, Giambettino (1706-1770) Painter (Verona)
Cittadini, Pier Francesco (1616-1681) Painter (Bologna)
Claude Lorrain (Claude Gellee) (1600-82) Arcadian landscape painter (Rome)
Codazzi, Viviano (1604-1670) Painter (Rome)
Coli, Giovanni (1636-1681) Painter
Collino, Filippo (1737-1801) Sculptor (Turin)
Collino, Ignazio (1724-1793) Sculptor (Turin)
Commodi, Andrea (1560-1638) Painter (Rome)
Conca, Sebastiano (1680-1764) Painter
Cornacchini, Agostino (1683-1754) Sculptor (Rome)
Corradini, Antonio (1668-1752) Sculptor
Crespi, Daniele (c.1590-1630) Painter (Milan)
Crespi, Giuseppe Maria (1665-1747) Painter (Bologna)
Creti, Donato (1671-1749) Painter (Bologna)
Dandini, Cesare (1596-1657) Painter (Florence)
Dandini, Pietro (1646-1712) Painter (Florence)
Diziani, Gaspare (1689-1767) Painter (Venice)
Dolci, Carlo (1616-1686) Painter (Florence)
Domenichino (1581-1641) Painter (Bologna)
Falcone, Aniello (1607-1656) Painter (Naples)
Fancelli, Cosimo (c.1620-1688) Sculptor (Rome)
Fanzago, Cosimo (1591-1678) Sculptor (Naples)
Felici, Vincenzo (Active 1667-1707) Sculptor (Rome)
Ferrari, Gregorio De (1647-1726) Painter (Genoa)
Ferrari, Luca (1605-1654) Painter
Ferrata, Ercole (1610-1686) Sculptor
Ferretti, Giovanni Domenico (1692-1768) Painter (Florence)
Ferri, Ciro (c.1634-1689) Painter (Rome)
Feti, Domenico (c.1589-1623) Painter (Venice)
Ficherelli, Felice (1603-1660) Painter (Florence)
Finelli, Giuliano (1601-1653) Sculptor (Rome)
Foggini, Giambattista (1652-1725) Sculptor (Florence)
Forabosco, Girolamo (1605-1679) Painter (Venice)
Forte, Luca (c.1615-1670) Painter (Naples)
Franceschini, Baldassarre (1611-1690) Painter (Florence)
Franceschini, Marcantonio (1648-1729) Painter (Bologna)
Franchi, Antonio (1638-1709) Painter (Lucca)
Fuga, Ferdinando (1699-1781) Architect
Fumiani, Giovanni Antonio (c.1645-1710) Painter (Venice)
Furini, Francesco (1600-1646) Painter (Florence)
Galizia, Fede (1578-1630) Painter (Milan)
Garola, Pietro Francesco (1638-1716) Painter
Garzoni, Giovanna (1600-1670) Painter
Gennari, Cesare (1637-1688) Painter (Bologna)
Gentileschi, Artemisia (1593-c.1653) Painter
Gherardi, Antonio (1638-1702) Sculptor (Rome)
Gherardi, Filippo (1643-1704) Painter (Venice)
Ghislandi, Vittore (1655-1743) Painter (Bergamo)
Giaquinto, Corrado (1703-1766) Painter (Madrid)
Gimignani, Giacinto (1606-1681) Painter (Rome)
Giordano, Luca (1634-1705) Painter (Naples)
Giorgetti, Antonio (Active 1660s) Sculptor (Rome)
Gramatica, Antiveduto (c.1571-1626) Painter (Rome)
Grassi, Nicola (1682-1748) Painter (Venice)
Guercino (1591-1666) Painter (Bologna)
Guidi, Domenico (1625-1701) Sculptor (Rome)
Joli, Antonio (c.1700-1777) Painter
Lama, Giulia (1681-1747) Painter (Venice)
Lanfranco, Giovanni (1582-1647) Painter (Rome)
Langetti, Giovanni Battista (1635-1676) Painter (Venice)
Lauri, Filippo (1623-1694) Painter (Rome)
Lazzarini, Gregorio (1655-1730) Painter (Venice)
Leoni, Ottavio (1578-1630) Painter (Rome)
Liberi, Marco (c.1640-c.1685) Painter
Liberi, Pietro (1605-1687) Painter (Venice)
Ligari, Pietro (1686-1752) Painter (Valtellina)
Lion, Angelo (Active 1597-1621) Painter (Venice)
Locatelli, Andrea (1695-1741) Painter (Rome)
Lombardi, Giovanni Domenico (1682-1751) Painter (Lucca)
Longhi, Pietro (1702-1783) Painter (Venice)
Lovisa, Domenico (c.1690-c.1750) Graphic Artist (Venice)
Luti, Benedetto (1666-1724) Painter (Rome)
Maderno, Carlo (1556-1629) one of the greatest architects of the Baroque.
Maderno, Stefano (c.1576-1636) Sculptor
Maffei, Francesco (c.1600-1660) Painter (Venice)
Magnasco, Alessandro (1667-1749) Painter (Milan)
Mancini, Francesco (1679-1758) Painter
Manfredi, Bartolomeo (1582-1622) Painter (Rome)
Maratta, Carlo (1625-1713) Painter (Rome)
Marchesini, Alessandro (1663-1738) Painter (Verona)
Marieschi, Michele (1710-1743) Painter (Venice)
Marinali, Orazio (1643-1720) Sculptor
Marinari, Onorio (1627-1715) Painter (Florence)
Mario Dei Fiori (1603-1673) Painter (Rome)
Martinelli, Giovanni (c.1600-1659) Painter (Florence)
Mazza, Giuseppe Maria (1653-1741) Sculptor (Bologna)
Mazzoni, Sebastiano (c.1611-1678) Painter (Venice)
Mazzuoli, Giuseppe (1643-1725) Sculptor (Siena)
Mei, Bernardino (1612-1676) Painter (Rome)
Milani, Aureliano (1675-1749) Painter
Mochi, Francesco (1580-1654) Sculptor
Mola, Pier Francesco (1612-1666) Painter (Rome)
Molinari, Antonio (1655-1704) Painter
Montauti, Antonio (c.1685-1740) Sculptor
Moratti, Francesco (D. c.1719) Sculptor (Rome)
Morazzone (1573-1626) Painter (Lombardy)
Munari, Cristoforo (1667-1720) Painter
Mura, Francesco De (1696-1782) Painter (Naples)
Napoletano, Filippo (c.1589-1629) Painter (Rome)
Nazari, Bartolomeo (1699-1758) Painter (Venice)
Negri, Pietro (c.1628-1679) Painter (Venice)
Novelli, Pietro (1603-1647) Painter (Sicily)
Nuvolone, Carlo Francesco (1609-c.1662) Painter (Milan)
Nuvolone, Giuseppe (1619-1703) Painter (Milan)
Olivieri, Giovanni Domenico (1708-1762) Sculptor (Madrid)
Orsolino, Tommaso (1587-1675) Sculptor (Genoa)
Ottoni, Lorenzo (1658-1736) Sculptor
Pace Del Campidoglio, Michele (c.1610-c.1670) Painter (Rome)
Padovanino (1588-1649) Painter (Venice)
Pannini, Giovanni Paolo (1691-1765) Painter (Rome)
Paolini, Pietro (1603-1681) Painter (Lucca)
Parodi, Filippo (1630-1702) Sculptor (Genoa)
Passeri, Giuseppe (1654-1714) Painter (Rome)
Pellegrini, Giovanni Antonio (1675-1741) Painter (Venice)
Pellegrini, Girolamo (c.1624-c.1700) Painter (Rome)
Peranda, Sante (1566-1638) Painter (Venice)
Piamontini, Giuseppe (1664-1742) Sculptor (Florence)
Piazzetta, Giacomo (1640-1705) Sculptor (Venice)
Piazzetta, Giovanni Battista (1683-1754) Painter (Venice)
Pietro Da Cortona (1596-1669) Painter, Architect, Tapestry Designer (Rome)
Pignoni, Simone (1611-1698) Painter (Florence)
Piola, Domenico (1627-1703) Painter (Genoa)
Piranesi, Giovanni Battista (1720-1778) Graphic Artist
Pittoni, Giambattista (1687-1767) Painter (Venice)
Po, Giacomo Del (1652-1726) Painter (Naples)
Podesta, Giovanni Andrea (1608-1674) Painter
Ponsonelli, Giacomo Antonio (1654-1735) Sculptor (Genoa)
Ponzio, Flaminio (1559-1613) Sculptor
Porpora, Paolo (1617-1670s) Painter (Naples)
Porta, Giacomo Della (c.1533-1602) Architect
Poussin, Nicolas (1594–1665) Painter (Rome)
Pozzo, Andrea (1642-1709) master of mural painting
Preti, Mattia (1613-1699) Painter (Malta)
Procaccini, Giulio Cesare (1574-1625) Painter (Milan)
Queirolo, Francesco (1704-1762) Sculptor (Naples)
Raggi, Antonio (1624-1686) Sculptor (Rome)
Recco, Giuseppe (1634-1695) Painter (Naples)
Remps, Domenico (c.1620-c.1699) Painter (Venice)
Reni, Guido (1575-1642) Painter (Bologna)
Ricci, Marco (1676-1729) Painter (Venice)
Ricci, Sebastiano (1659-1734) Painter (Venice)
Ridolfi, Carlo (1594-1658) Painter (Venice)
Riminaldi, Orazio (1593-1630) Painter
Roccatagliata, Nicolò (Active 1593-1636) Sculptor (Venice)
Romanelli, Giovanni Francesco (1610-1662) Painter
Rosa, Salvator (1615-1673) Painter
Rosselli, Matteo (1578-1650) Painter (Florence)
Rotari, Pietro Antonio (1707-1762) Painter
Ruoppolo, Giovanni Battista (1629-1693) Painter (Naples)
Rusconi, Camillo (1658-1728) Sculptor (Rome)
Sacchi, Andrea (1599-1661) Painter (Rome)
Salimbeni, Ventura (1567-1613) Painter (Siena)
Salini, Tommaso (1575-1625) Painter (Rome)
Salucci, Alessandro (1590-1655/60) Painter (Rome)
Salvi, Niccolò (1697-1751) Sculptor (Rome)
Saraceni, Carlo (1579-1620) Painter (Rome)
Sassoferrato (1609-1685) Painter (Central Italy)
Schedoni, Bartolomeo (1578-1615) Painter (Parma)
Schiaffino, Francesco Maria (1688-1763) Sculptor (Genoa)
Serodine, Giovanni (1600-1630) Painter (Rome)
Serpotta, Giacomo (1652-1732) Sculptor (Sicily)
Simonini, Francesco (1686-1755) Painter (Venice)
Sirani, Elisabetta (1638-1665) Painter (Bologna)
Sirani, Giovanni Andrea (1610-1670) Painter (Bologna)
Soldani Benzi, Massimiliano (1656-1740) Sculptor
Solimena, Francesco (1657-1747) Painter (Naples)
Spada, Lionello (1576-1622) Painter (Bologna)
Spinazzi, Innocenzo (1726-1798) Sculptor (Florence)
Spinelli, Giovanni Battista (Active c.1630-1660) Painter (Naples)
Stanzione, Massimo (1585-1656) Painter (Naples)
Stern, Ludovico (1709-1777) Painter (Rome)
Stom, Antonio (1688-1734) Painter (Venice)
Strozzi, Bernardo (1581-1644) Painter (Genoa)
Susini, Antonio (1580-1624) Sculptor (Florence)
Tacca, Pietro (1577-1640) Sculptor (Florence)
Tassi, Agostino (1578-1644) Painter (Rome)
Tempesta, Antonio (1555-1630) Painter (Florence)
Terilli, Francesco (Active 1610-1630) Sculptor (Feltre)
Testa, Pietro (1611-1650) Painter (Rome)
Tiarini, Alessandro (1577-1668) Painter (Bologna)
Tiepolo, Giambattista (1696-1770) Fresco Painter, Quadratura expert.
Torelli, Felice (1667-1748) Painter (Bologna)
Torelli, Stefano (1712-1784) Painter
Torretti, Giuseppe (1664-1743) Sculptor (Venice)
Trevisani, Francesco (1656-1746) Painter
Turchi, Alessandro (1578-1649) Painter (Verona)
Uberti, Pietro (1671-1762) Painter (Venice)
Vaccaro, Andrea (1604-1670) Painter (Naples)
Vaccaro, Lorenzo (1655-1706) Sculptor (Naples)
Valle, Filippo Della (1698-1768) Sculptor (Rome)
Vanvitelli, Luigi (1700-1773) Sculptor (Naples)
Vassallo, Antonio Maria (c.1620-1664/72) Painter (Genoa)
Vecchia, Pietro Della (c.1602-1678) Painter (Venice)
Vignola, Giacomo Barozzi da (1507-73) Architect (Rome)
Villamena, Francesco (1564-1624) Graphic Artist (Rome)
Viola, Giovan Battista (1576-1622) Painter (Rome)
Visentini, Antonio (1688-1782) Graphic Artist (Venice)
Zais, Giuseppe (1709-1789) Painter (Venice)
Zanchi, Antonio (1631-1722) Painter (Venice)
Zocchi, Giuseppe (c.1717-1767) Painter (Florence)
Zuccarelli, Francesco (1702-1788) Painter (Venice)

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