Spanish Renaissance Artists
Painters, Sculptors, Architects in Spain: 15th-Century, 16th-Century.

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St Sebastian (1526-32)
Polychrome wood
National Museum of Religious
Carvings, Valladolid.
By Alonso Berruguete.

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Spanish Renaissance Artists (c.1400-1600)

The Renaissance in Spain

Spanish painting and sculpture during the 15th and early 16th-century were altogether less advanced than their counterparts in Renaissance art in Italy and in the Northern Renaissance of Flanders and Germany. Indeed it is difficult even to locate the beginning of what properly might be termed a Renaissance in the Iberian Peninsula.

To all intents, Spanish art remained backward-looking and retarded with no ambitious patrons of the arts to compare with the Medici family in Florence, or the Papal patrons in the Vatican.

Spain was divided into several independent provinces - the most artistic being Catalonia and Valencia - with any great influence emanating from its possessions in Italy (Naples). The great painting traditions of cities like Seville and Madrid were yet to come, and there was no centralised Spanish Academy of Fine Arts. Of the few noteworthy Spanish Renaissance painters, mention might be made of Fernando Gallego (c.1440-1507), the master of Castilian painting; and Pedro Berruguete (1455-1504), court painter to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.

Spanish Artists of the Early Renaissance (c.1400-90)

Abadia, Juan De La (Active 1470-1490) Painter (Huesca)
Almonacid, Sebastian De (c.1460-1526) Sculptor
Bermejo, Bartolome(Active 1474-1498) Painter
Berruguete, Pedro (1455-1504) Painter
Burgos, Juan De (Active 1450s) Painter (León)
Cordoba, Pedro De (Active 1470s) Painter (Cordoba)
Cruz, Diego De La (1482-1500) Painter (Burgos)
Frances, Nicolas (Active 1424-1468) Painter (León)
Gallego, Fernando (c.1440-1507) Painter
Ingles, Jorge (Active 1450s) Painter (Castile)
Jacomart, Jaume Baco (1411-1461) Painter (Valencia)
Marzal De Sax, Andres (Active 1393-1410) Painter (Valencia)
Master Of Avila (Active 1475-1500) Painter (Avila)
Master Of Budapest (Active c.1500) Painter (Castile)
Reixach, Juan (Active) Painter (Valencia)
Siloe, Gil De (1501) Sculptor (Burgos)
Zarza, Vasco De La (D. 1524) Sculptor (Avila)

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Spanish Artists of the High Renaissance (c.1490-1530)

Arfe, Goldsmith Family (early 16th Century) Goldsmith
Berruguete, Alonso (1488-1561) Sculptor
Bigarny, Felipe (c.1470-1543) Sculptor
Borgona, Juan De (D. 1554) Painter (Toledo)
Campana, Pedro De (1503-1580) Painter
Fernandez, Alejo (c.1475-c.1545) Painter (Seville)
Fernandez, Pedro (c.1480-1521) Painter
Forment, Damian (c.1480-1540) Sculptor
Juan De Flandes (c.1465-1519) Painter
Llanos, Fernando (Active 1506-1516) Painter (Valencia)
Machuca, Pedro (1490/95-1550) Architect (Granada)
Masip, Vicente (c.1475-1545) Painter (Valencia)
Ordonez, Bartolomé (c.1490-1520) Sculptor
Osona, Rodrigo De, The Younger (fl. 1505-1530) Painter (Valencia)
Siloe, Diego De (c.1495-1563) Sculptor
Yanez De La Almedina, Fernando (Active 1505-36) Painter

Mannerism School in Spain (c.1530-1600)

The Spanish Mannerist style of art, which followed the High Renaissance and lasted until about 1600 when it was superceded by the Spanish Baroque, attracted no more talent than the Renaissance, but for the outstanding Greek-born Spanish artist Domenikos Theotokopoulos, known as El Greco, one-time court painter to King Philip II. Renowned for his large-scale emotional religious canvases, El Greco's elongated figures and unique colour married Byzantine traditions with those of Western painting.

Spanish Mannerist Artists

Astor, Diego De (c.1587-c.1650) Graphic Artist
Borrás, Fray Nicolás (1530-1610) Painter (Gandía)
Carbajal, Luis De (1531-c.1621) Painter
Carducho, Bartolomé (1554-1608) Painter
González Y Serrano, Bartolomé (1564-1627) Painter
Greco, El (1541-1614) Painter (Toledo)
Hernandez, Jeronimo (1540-1586) Sculptor (Seville)
Jordan, Esteban (1534-1600) Sculptor
Juanes, Juan De (c.1523-1579) Painter
Juni, Juan De (1506-1577) Sculptor (Valladolid)
Morales, Luis De (c.1520-1586) Painter
Navarrete, Juan Fernández De (c.1538-1579) Painter
Pantoja De La Cruz, Juan (1553-1608) Painter (Madrid)
Sanchez Coello, Alonso (1531-1588) Painter
Theotokopoulos, Domenikos (See also Greco, El)
Theotokopoulos, Jorge Manuel (1578-1631) Painter (Toledo)
Vázquez, Alonso (1565-1608) Painter (Seville)

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