Rococo Artists
18th-Century Painters, Sculptors, Interior Designers, Architects.

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Portrait of Madame de Pompadour (1756)
One of the great patrons of
18th century French painting.
Alte Pinakothek, Munich.
By Francois Boucher.

Rococo Artists (18th Century)

The Rococo Style of Decorative Arts

Centred in France and arising partly as a reaction to the Baroque grandeur of King Louis XIV's Versailles court, rococo was closely associated with Madame de Pompadour, the mistress of the new King Louis XV. A whimsical and decorative style of art, the term rococo applies to all art forms, including architecture, interior design, painting, sculpture, furniture, textile fabrics, porcelain and other precious objects

Rococo-Style Archiects

Rococo architecture was exemplified above all by French architects Nicolas Pineau and Jules-Hardouin Mansart (1646-1708) who designed interiors for the royal Château de Marly, and by Jean Courtonne and Germain Boffrand. For more about architectural design, see: Rococo Architecture. For details of the decorative arts at the Palace of Versailles and other Royal Chateaux in France, see: French Decorative Art (1640-1792).

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Rococo-Style Sculptors

Rococo sculpture is perhaps best represented by Jean-Baptiste Pigalle (1714-85) a favourite sculptor of Madame de Pompadour, who made his name with a figure of Mercury; by his chief rival Etienne-Maurice Falconet (1716-91), and also by Claude Michel Clodion (1738-1814), sculptor of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, who is best known for his terracotta statuettes of nymphs and satyrs. Sculpture in England in the early 18th-century was dominated by two foreign artists, Michael Rysbrack (1694-1770) and Louis Francois Roubiliac (1705-62). See also: Rococo Sculptors.

Rococo-Style Painters

Famous rococo painters include Jean-Antoine Watteau (1684-1721) especially his 'fete galante' outdoor courtship parties - See his Pilgrimage to Cythera (1717) Louvre, Paris; Charlottenburg, Berlin - Francois Boucher (1703-70) with his lavish pictures of decadent self-indulgence; Jean-Honore Fragonard (1732-1806) with his paintings of love and seduction like The Swing (Fragonard) (1767); and by the Venetian fresco painter Giambattista Tiepolo (1696-1770) best known for his glorious Wurzburg Residence frescoes (1750-3). In the genre of rococo still-life painting Jean Chardin (1699-1779), Jean Baptiste Oudry (1686-1755) and Francois Desportes (1661-1743) were foremost. In Britain, rococo painting achieved its apogee in the portraits of Thomas Gainsborough (1727-88) and Thomas Lawrence (1769-1830). The great rococo vedutisti, or view-painters, included the Venetians Canaletto (1697-1768), Francesco Guardi (1712-93) and Canaletto's pupil Bernardo Bellotto (1720-80). See also Rococo portraits.



Rococo-Style Furniture

The art of rococo furniture-making was exemplified in France by the French designer Andre-Charles Boulle - see, French Furniture (1640-1792) - and, in Venice, by Andrea Brustolon. The art of inlay was led by artists such as Pietro Piffetti (1700-77), who worked for the House of Savoy at Turin. For craftsmen in France, see: French Designers (1640-1792). In England, furniture design was spearheaded by Chippendale, designer and author of "The Gentleman and Cabinet-maker's Director" (1754).

List of Rococo Artists

Among the many Rococo masters of architecture, design, painting, sculpture and other visual arts in the 18th century, were the following:

Allegrain, Christophe-Gabriel (1710-1795) French Sculptor (Paris)
Andriessen, Jurriaan (1742-1819) Dutch Painter (Amsterdam)
Antropov, Aleksey Petrovich (1716-1795) Russian Painter
Argunov, Ivan Petrovich (1729-1802) Russian Painter
Ashford, William (c.1746-1824) Irish Painter (Dublin)
Attiret, Claude-François (1728-1804) French Sculptor (Paris)
Augustin, Jean-Baptiste-Jacques (1759-1832) French Miniaturist
Bartolozzi, Francesco (1727-1815) Italian Graphic Artist (London)
Batoni, Pompeo (1708-1787) Italian Painter (Rome)
Bayeu Y Subias, Francisco (1734-1795) Spanish Painter (Madrid)
Bayeu Y Subias, Ramón (1746-1793) Spanish Painter (Madrid)
Bellotto, Bernardo (1720-1780) Italian Painter
Bernard D'agesci (1756-1829) French Painter (Niort)
Bonavia, Carlo (Active 1751-1788) Italian Painter (Naples)
Borovikovsky, Vladimir Lukich (1757-1825) Russian Painter
Bottani, Giuseppe (1717-1784) Italian Painter
Boucher, François (1703-1770) French Painter
Boudard, Jean-Baptiste (1710-1768) French Sculptor (Parma)
Boze, Joseph (1745-1826) French Painter (Paris)
Brompton, Richard (1734-1783) English Painter
Buys, Jacobus (1724-1801) Dutch Graphic Artist (Amsterdam)
Caffiéri, Philippe (1714-1774) French Goldsmith
Callet, Antoine-François (1741-1823) French Painter
Carlevaris, Marianna (1703-c.1750) Italian Painter (Venice)
Carlin, Martin (c.1730-1785) French Cabinet-Maker (Paris)
Carnicero Y Mancio, Antonio (1748-1814) Spanish Painter (Madrid)
Cars, Laurent (1699-1771) French Graphic Artist (Paris)
Casali, Andrea (1705-1764) Italian Painter (London)
Castelli, Bernardino (1750-1810) Italian Painter (Venice)
Cats, Jacob (1741-1799) Dutch Painter
Cazes, Pierre-Jacques (1676-1754) French Painter (Paris)
Chodowiecki, Daniel Nikolaus (1726-1801) Polish Painter (Berlin)
Christian, Johann Josef (1706-1777) German Sculptor
Clodion (1738-1814) French Sculptor
Cochin, Charles-Nicolas Ii (1715-1790) French Graphic Artist (Paris)
Cock, Paul De (1724-1801) Flemish Painter (Bruges)
Copley, John Singleton (1738-1815) English Painter
Cosway, Richard (1742-1821) English Miniaturist
Cozens, John Robert (1752-1797) English Painter
Crespi, Luigi (1709-1779) Italian Painter (Bologna)
Criaerd, Matthieu (c.1689-1776) French Cabinet-Maker (Paris)
Crosato, Giovanni Battista (c.1685-1758) Italian Painter (Venice)
Defernex, Jean-Baptiste (c.1729-1783) French Sculptor (Paris)
Delaunay, Nicolas (1739-1792) French Graphic Artist (Paris)
Descourtis, Charles-Melchior (1753-1820) French Graphic Artist (Paris)
Diziani, Antonio (1737-1797) Italian Painter (Venice)
Dodin, Charles-Nicolas (1734-1803) French Painter (Sèvres)
Dubois, René (1737-1799) French Cabinet-Maker (Paris)
Duché De Vancy, Gaspard (1756-1788) French Painter
Dumont, François (1751-1831) French Miniaturist
Duplessis, Joseph-Siffred (1725-1802) French Painter (Paris)
Earl, Ralph (1751-1801) American Painter
Earlom, Richard (1743-1822) English Graphic Artist (London)
Eberlein, Johann Friedrich (1695-1749) German Sculptor (Meissen)
Eliaerts, Jan Frans (1761-1848) Belgian Painter (Antwerp)
Falconet, Étienne-Maurice (1716-1791) French Sculptor
Fessard, Etienne (1714-1777) French Graphic Artist (Paris)
Fischer, Johann Martin (1740-1820) German Sculptor
Fontebasso, Francesco (1707-1769) Italian Painter (Venice)
Fragonard, Jean-Honoré (1732-1806) French Painter (Paris)
Gainsborough, Thomas (1727-1788) English Painter
Garemijn, Jan Antoon (1712-1799) Flemish Painter (Bruges)
Gérard, Marguerite (1761-1837) French Painter (Paris)
Germain, François-Thomas (1726-1791) French Goldsmith (Paris)
Gillray, James (1756-1815) English Graphic Artist
González Velázquez, Antonio (1723-1794) Spanish Painter (Madrid)
Gouthière, Pierre (1732-1813) French Goldsmith
Graff, Anton (1736-1813) German Painter
Green, Valentine (1739-1813) English Graphic Artist (London)
Greuze, Jean-Baptiste (1725-1805) French Genre Painter (Paris)
Guarana, Jacopo (1720-1808) Italian Painter (Venice)
Guardi, Francesco (1712-1793) Italian Painter (Venice)
Guardi, Giacomo (1764-1835) Italian Painter (Venice)
Guardi, Gianantonio (1699-1760) Italian Painter (Venice)
Guérin, Jean-Urbain (1761-1836) French Miniaturist
Günther, Franz Ignaz (1725-1775) German Sculptor (Munich)
Günther, Matthäus (1705-1788) German Painter
Hackert, Jacob Philipp (1737-1807) German Painter
Hall, Peter Adolf (1739-1793) Swedish Miniaturist
Hallé, Noël (1711-1781) French Painter (Paris)
Herreyns, Willem (1743-1827) Flemish Painter (Antwerp)
Hodges, William (1744-1797) English Painter
Horemans, Jan Jozef II (1714-1790) Flemish Painter (Antwerp)
Houasse, Michel-Ange (c.1680-1730) French Painter
Houdon, Jean-Antoine (1741-1828) French Sculptor
Huber, Jean (1721-1786) Swiss Painter (Geneva)
Ibbetson, Julius Caesar (1759-1817) English Painter
Janneck, Franz Christoph (1703-1761) Austrian Painter
Jones, Thomas (1742-1803) English Painter
Juel, Jens Jørgensen (1745-1802) Danish Painter
Julien, Pierre (1731-1804) French Sculptor
Kauffmann, Angelica (1741-1807) Swiss Painter
Kracker, Johann Lucas (1719-1779) Austrian Painter
Krafft, Per The Elder (1724-1793) Swedish Painter
Kreutzinger, Joseph (1751-1829) Austrian Painter
Kucharski, Aleksander (1741-1819) Polish Painter (Paris)
Labille-Guiard, Adélaide (1749-1803) French Painter (Paris)
Lagrenée, Jean-Jacques (1739-1821) French Painter
Lagrenée, Louis-Jean-François (1725-1805) French Painter
Lampi, Johann Baptist I (1751-1830) Austrian Painter
Launay, Nicolas De (1739-1792) French Graphic Artist (Paris)
Lawrence, Thomas (1769–1830) English Portraitist
Le Prince, Jean-Baptiste (1734-1781) French Painter (Paris)
Leicher, Felix Ivo (1727-1812) Austrian Painter
Lelie, Adriaan De (1755-1820) Dutch Painter (Amsterdam)
Lens, Andries Cornelis (1739-1822) Flemish Painter
Lépicié, Nicolas-Bernard (1735-1784) French Painter (Paris)
Levitsky, Dmitry Grigorevich (1735-1822) Russian Painter
Lisboa, Antonio Francisco (1738-1814) Portuguese Sculptor (Brazil)
Longhi, Alessandro (1733-1813) Italian Painter (Venice)
Loutherbourg, Philip Jacques De 1740-1812 French Painter (Paris)
Machado De Castro, Joachim (1736-1822) Portuguese Sculptor
Maggiotto, Domenico (1712-1794) Italian Painter (Venice)
Magini, Carlo (1720-1806) Italian Painter (Fano)
Mallet, Jean-Baptiste (1759-1835) French Painter
Marées, George De (1697-1776) Swedish Painter (Munich)
Marin, Joseph Charles (1759-1834) French Sculptor
Marot, Daniel I (1661-1752) French Architect
Martincourt, Étienne (c.1735-1791) French Sculptor (Paris)
Matthieu, Georg David (1737-1778) German Painter
Maulbertsch, Franz Anton (1724-1796) Austrian Painter
Mayer, Marie-Constance (1775-1821) French Painter (Paris)
Meissonnier, Juste-Aurèle (1698-1750) French Goldsmith (Paris)
Meléndez, Luis (1716-1780) Spanish Painter
Ménageot, François-Guillaume (1744-1816) French Painter
Mercier, Philipe (c.1689-1760) French Painter (London)
Messerschmidt, Franz Xavier (1736-1783) Austrian Sculptor
Mignot, Pierre-Philippe (1715-1770) French Sculptor (Paris)
Mildorfer, Joseph Ignaz (1719-1775) Austrian Painter
Molitor, Bernard (1755-1810) French Cabinet-Maker (Paris)
Moreau, Jean-Michel (1741-1814) French Graphic Artist (Paris)
Morin, Jean-Louis (1732-1787) French Painter (Sèvres)
Morlaiter, Giovan Maria (1699-1781) Italian Sculptor (Venice)
Morland, George (1763-1804) English Painter (London)
Natoire, Charles-Joseph (1700-1777) French Painter (Paris)
Nogari, Giuseppe (1699-1766) Italian Painter (Venice)
Ommeganck, Balthazar Paul (1755-1826) Flemish Painter (Antwerp)
Opie, John (1761-1807) English Painter (London)
Os, Jan Van (1744-1808) Dutch Painter (The Hague)
Ouwater, Isaak (1750-1793) Dutch Painter (Amsterdam)
Pajou, Augustin (1730-1809) French Sculptor
Paret Y Alcazár, Luis (1746-1799) Spanish Painter
Pasch, Lorentz The Younger (1733-1805) Swedish Painter
Pasquetti, Fortunato (c.1700-1773) Italian Painter (Venice)
Peters, Johann Anton De (1725-1795) German Painter (Paris)
Petitot, Ennemond-Alexandre (1727-1801) French Architect
Pierre, Jean-Baptiste-Marie (1714-1789) French Painter (Paris)
Pigalle, Jean-Baptiste (1714-1785) French Sculptor
Pillement, Jean-Baptiste (1728-1808) French Painter
Raeburn, Sir Henry (1756-1823) Scottish Painter
Raguenet, Nicolas-Jean-Baptiste (1715-1793) French Painter (Paris)
Ramsay, Allan (1713-1784) Scottish Painter
Raoux, Jean (1677-1734) French Painter (Paris)
Reynolds, Sir Joshua (1723-1792) English Painter
Robert, Hubert (1733-1808) French Painter
Rocca, Michele (1666-1751) Italian Painter
Rode, Bernhard (1725-1797) German Painter (Berlin)
Rokotov, Fyodor (c.1735-1808) Russian Painter
Romney, George (1734-1802) English Painter
Roslin, Alexander (1718-1793) Swedish Painter
Roslin, Marie-Suzanne (1734-1772) French Painter (Paris)
Rowlandson, Thomas (1756-1827) English Graphic Artist (London)
Russell, John (1745-1806) English Painter
Saint-Aubin, Charles-Germain De (1721-1786) French Graphic Artist (Paris)
Saint-Aubin, Gabriel De (1724-1780) French Painter (Paris)
Sammartino, Giuseppe (1720-1793) Italian Sculptor (Naples)
Sauvage, Piat-Joseph (1744-1818) Flemish Painter (Paris)
Schall, Jean-Frédéric (1752-1825) French Painter
Schmidt, Martin Johann (1718-1801) Austrian Painter
Silo, Adam (c.1674-1772) Dutch Painter (Amsterdam)
Smart, John (1741-1811) English Miniaturist (London)
Sonnenschein, Johann Valentin (1749-1828) German Sculptor
Straub, Johann Baptist (1705-1784) German Sculptor
Stuart, Gilbert (1755-1828) American Painter
Stubbs, George (1724-1806) English Equestrian Painter, Animalier
Tassaert, Jean-Pierre-Antoine (1727-1788) Flemish Sculptor
Taunay, Nicolas Antoine (1755-1830) French Painter
Therbusch, Anna Dorothea (1721-1782) German Painter
Tiepolo, Giovanni Battista (1696-1770) Italian Painter (Venice)
Tiepolo, Giovanni Domenico (1727-1804) Italian Painter (Venice)
Tiepolo, Lorenzo (1736-1776) Italian Painter (Venice)
Tischbein, Johann Heinrich The Younger (1742-1808) German Painter (Kassel)
Traversi, Gaspare (c.1722-1770) Italian Painter (Naples)
Trippel, Alexander (1744-1793) Swiss Sculptor
Unterberger, Christoph (1732-1798) Austrian Painter (Rome)
Vallayer-Coster, Anne (1744-1818) French Painter (Paris)
Vassé, Louis-Claude (1716-1772) French Sculptor (Paris)
Verhaghen, Pieter Jozef (1728-1811) Flemish Painter
Vernet, Claude-Joseph (1714-1789) French Painter
Vigee-Lebrun, Elisabeth (1755-1842) French Painter
Vleughels, Nicolas (1668-1737) French Painter
Volaire, Pierre-Jacques (1729-1790s) French Painter
Voogd, Hendrik (1768-1839) Dutch Painter (Italy)
Watteau, Jean-Antoine (1684-1721) French Painter (Paris)
Watteau, Louis-Joseph (1731-1798) French Painter (Paris)
Webber, John (1751-1793) English Painter (London)
Weisweiler, Adam (1744-1820) French Cabinet-Maker (Paris)
West, Benjamin (1738-1820) American Painter (London)
Winterhalter, Josef The Younger (1743-1807) German Painter (Moravia)
Zeiller, Jakob Johann (1708-1783) German Painter
Zimmermann, Dominikus (1685-1766) German Sculptor (Bavaria)
Zimmermann, Johann Baptist (1680-1758) German Painter (Bavaria)
Zoffany, Johann (1733-1810) German Painter (London)
Zugno, Francesco (c.1708-1787) Italian Painter (Venice)

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