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Yello Gallery - NOW CLOSED!

Founded in 1992, the Yello Gallery specializes in modern and contemporary international and Irish art. The focus of the Gallery is to acquire important artworks of special quality from emerging as well as famous painters, so as to provide collectors and buyers a with carefully chosen range of works. In addition, the Yello Gallery has an extensive collection of Irish original prints.


Among the numerous fine art painters represented at the Yello Gallery are:
Brian Ballard, Basil Blackshaw, Katherine Beug, Brian Bourke, Charles Brady, Peter Collis, Richard Croft, William Crozier, Michael Cullen, John Dinan, Felim Egan, Lucian Freud, Patrick Hickey, John Kindness, Louis Le Brocquy, Paddy Lennon, Norah McGuinness, Brian Maguire, Sean MacSweeney, Anne Madden, Colin Middleton, Michael Mulcahy, Dermod O'Brien, Hughie O'Donoghue, John O'Donoghue, Tony O'Malley, Dan O'Neill, Patrick Scott, William Scott, Sean Scully, John Shinnors, Neil Shawcross, Norman Smyth, Camille Souter, Charles Tyrell, Nancy Wynne-Jones, Jack B.Yeats.




The Yello Gallery's collection of prints includes works by: Jean Bardon, William Crozier, Grainne Cuffe, John Dinan, Ivan Frew, Michael Farrell, Peter Jones, Stephen Lawlor, Pamela Leonard, Bob Lynn, James McCreary, John McNulty, Niall Naessens, Lars Nyberg, Ruth O'Donnell and Robert Russell.

Sourcing of Art

The Yello Gallery has a developed expertise in sourcing difficult-to-find artworks. Details available on request.

Contact Details

For the latest information about visual artists represented by the Gallery, its print collection, solo or group art exhibitions, or its services for art-buyers, including its valuable experience of the Irish art market, please contact:

Yello Gallery
35 Kildare St
Dublin 2
Phone: 01-644-9459

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