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Short Guide to One of Ireland's Most Important Auction Houses of Fine Art.

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de Veres Fine Art Auctioneers

Established in the mid-1980s by John de Vere White, de Veres Art Auctions is one of Ireland’s leading Fine Art Auction Rooms whose specialty is the sale of nineteenth and twentieth century Irish painting. The company remains a small, highly reputable firm with a deep understanding and appreciation of Irish Art and a wealth of experience in the Irish fine art market.

Auction Rooms

Each year, de Veres typically stages four or five sales focused on the upper end of the market. Auctions are held at the headquarters of the Royal Hibernian Academy (RHA) at 15 Ely Place, Dublin, in the heart of the city. Paintings for sale are displayed in the setting of a real gallery.

Advisory Services For Art Buyers

In accordance with its experience and market knowledge as a seller of fine artworks, de Veres offers an extensive range of advisory services for art collectors and sellers concerning the acquisition and disposal of paintings and other works of art. For example, the company can: advise on the start-up expansion, modification or liquidation of an art collection; advise corporate clients on all aspects of art investment; put together collections of fine art for both private and corporate bodies; advise on disposal by Private Treaty; advise on buying methods at auction. All at highly competitive prices. In addition, the company can advise on acquiring or disposing of international works of art through its association with Oliver Sears of Dublin's Yello Gallery.

Latest Information

For friendly, authoritative advice about acquiring/selling art, making fine art investments and other related matters, contact:

de Veres Art Auctions
35 Kildare Street
Dublin 2
Phone: 01-676-8300
Fax: 01-676-8305

Other fine art auction houses in Ireland include: Adam's, Loughlin Bowe, John Ross & Co and Whytes.

Top Auction Records

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