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Solo Arte Gallery

Based in the city of Waterford in the south-east of Ireland, Solo Arte is dedicated to sourcing and presenting contemporary art by the best European and Irish artists. Its European paintings are acquired through its association with the long established Austrian Gallerie Schafferer in Innsbruck. In return, Solo Arte exhibits Irish painting and Irish sculpture in Austria, Germany and Italy. The Gallery is the sole agent for Pauline Bewick's Seven Ages. This gives the gallery a valuable knowledge of both the European and Irish art market.

Solo Arte also run a highly innovative Managed Art Fund, designed to make it easier for both individuals and companies to invest in paintings by established artists. Full details of this Irish art investment plan can be obtained from

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Artists Represented At Solo Arte

Solo Arte aims to offer contemporary art that holds its value. Amongst the fine art painting and sculpture exhibited by the gallery are works by the following artists:

Richard Argreiter
A highly talented sculptor whose works are established in Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Austria.

Pauline Bewick
Irish artist acclaimed for her retrospective exhibition "Two to Fifty" (1985) and "The Yellow Man" show (1996).

Patrick Cahill
Winner of the coveted O'Sullivan Graphics Award at the Watercolour Society of Ireland in 1998, for his oil and watercolour paintings of cityscapes, landscapes, horses and still lifes.

Clare Cryan
A regular exhibitor with the Royal Hibernian Academy, the Royal Ulster Academy and the Oireachtas exhibitions in Ireland, and many other venues in the UK.

Martin Finnin
One of Ireland's most talented young abstract artists.

Franz Lettner
One of the most influential modern artists in Austria.

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Arthur K. Maderson
An eminent established artist whose works are represented in private, public and corporate collections in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium, Hong Kong and Switzerland. See: Arthur K Maderson, Biography

Sue McNeill
Top Irish painter, Member of the Ulster Society of Women Artists, and a Fellow of the Irish School of Landscape Painting.

TJ Miles
Irish artist whose figurative works reflect the surrealistic influence of Salvador Dali, De Chirico, and Rene Magritte. See TJ Miles, Biography.

Declan O'Connor
Tipperary-born portraitist, landscape artist and horse painter.

Liam O'Neill
Unique artist and wood sculptor, Liam O'Neill works at his own Studio at Spiddal, County Galway.

Mark O'Neill
Perhaps the greatest still life artist in Ireland. See Mark O'Neill, Biography.

Franz Posch
Specializes in acclaimed landscapes of Tuscany.

Anna Maria Rossi-Zen
An Italian Pointillist and post-impressionist painter: one of the most influential artists of the alpine region.

For more details about forthcoming art shows, gallery artists or submission guidelines, contact:

Solo Arte Art Gallery
Tramore Road
Phone: 051-355758

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