Art Venues in Kerry
Review of Galleries in County Kerry, Munster: Exhibitions, Group/Solo Shows, Exhibiting Artists, Opening Hours.

Irish Art Exhibitions

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Art Galleries in Kerry

Located in the south-west of Ireland, with a rocky Atlantic coastline, County Kerry boasts a number of fine art galleries and viewing venues. Here is a selection of four spaces:

Kenmare Art Gallery
Phone: 064-42999; Website:

Situated in the town of Kenmare at the gateway to the Beara Peninsula, home to a number of talented Irish artists, the Kenmare Art Gallery is a relaxed but exciting exhibition venue which hosts numerous group exhibitions throughout the year featuring invited artists from Kerry, Ireland and overseas.



Run by art expert and interior designer Martina Viscardi, Kenmare Art Gallery features paintings by Tim Goulding, Claudio Viscardi, Robin Forrester, Sarah Walker, John Philip Murray and Nealie Sullivan, all inspired by Beara scenery.

Green Lane Gallery (Dingle)
Phone: 066 9152018; Website:

Situated in famous Dingle on Kerry's Atlantic coast, the Greenlane Gallery was founded in 1992 by Susan Callery, a native of Kerry, and named after the street where it started. In 2007, a sister gallery was launched in Paris, France. The gallery specializes in contemporary Irish paintings and sculpture. Artworks by established Irish artists are always in stock, and in addition to its knowledge of the Irish art market, the gallery offers an extensive range of consulting services to assist private and corporate art collectors.

Artists exhibited include: Tomás O'Cíobháin, Brian Denington, Gerard Byrne, Margo Banks, John Dinan, Liam Holden, Malachy Costello, Rowland Davidson, John Morris, Malcolm Bennett, Paddy Lennon, James McCarthy, Ana Duncan, Pauline Bewick, Michael Quane, Charles Harper, Carol Cronin, Elizabeth O Kane, Joseph Sloane, Siobhan Bulfin, Susan Murphy, Joby Hickey, Rebecca McLynn, Fran McCann, Micheal Gemmell, Lucy Doyle, and many more.


Killarney Art Centre
Phone: 064-34628; Website:

Situated in the tourist centre of Killarney in County Kerry, Killarney Art Centre was established in the early 1990s as a valuable venue for visual arts in Ireland, and to offer fine art by leading Irish artists, including: Mark O'Neill, Ted Jones, James English, James Brohan, Liam O'Neill, and Paul Kelly. The Centre has worldwide exclusivity on Ted Jones work, including his signed limited edition prints.

Killarney Art Centre stages two major exhibitions each year, in September and December. In addition, it runs monthly mini-show on a featured artist. Other artists exhibited include: Peter Curling, Julian Friers, Patrick Leonard, Frank McKelvey, Norman Teeling, Jack B Yeats, James Humbert Craig, Markey Robinson, Maurice Wilks, George Gillespie, Harry Kernoff, Andrew Nicholl, Robert Ponsonby Staples, Thomas Ryan, and Norman Garstin. Prices range from 400 to 20,000 euros.


Arkhangel Art Gallery (Listowel)
Phone: 068-23537; Website:

Situated in the historic market town of Listowel, County Kerry in South West Ireland, the Arkhangel Gallery has more than 2000 square feet of exhibition space, and a progressive range of artworks and services to suit both private buyers and corporate art collectors. It presents a large collection of works by Kerry, Irish and international artists, plus a diverse selection of textiles, ceramics, jewellery, glassware, and metalware. The Gallery offers a range of commercial services to help you choose the right work of art at the right price.

Among the many paintings on disply are works by: Rebecca Carroll, Roisin Duffy, Joan Kavanagh, Ann Martin, Carmel Murphy, Olivia O'Carra, Anthony Powell, Tina Reed and dozens more.

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