Crawford Art Gallery
Sculpture in Cork's No 1 Art Museum - By Sculptors like Joseph Higgins, Seamus Murphy, Oliver Sheppard.

Irish Art Exhibitions

The Drunken Faun (1826) by Cork
Sculptor John Hogan.

Crawford Art Gallery: Sculpture Collection

The Permanent Collection of the Crawford Art Gallery includes the following sculpture:

19th Century Sculpture

Antonio Canova: Bathing Venus (c.1849)
David Hargraves: Bust of a Gentleman (1884)
John Hogan: The Drunken Faun (1826)

An Stranchaire Fir (1826) by Cork
Sculptor Joseph Higgins.

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20th Century Sculpture

Jacob Epstein: Deirdre
Joseph Higgins: An Strachaire Fir (c.1923)
Marshall Hutson: Stygian Phoenix
Seamus Murphy: Daydream (1931)
Andrew O’Connor: The Faunesse
Oliver Sheppard: Aida (1935)

Contemporary Irish Sculpture

Dorothy Cross: Simeon’s Hut (1986)
Alice Maher: Untitled
Vivienne Roche: Tomb (1992)

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Stained Glass and Other Artworks

In addition to Irish sculpture and painting, prints and sculpture, the Crawford Art Gallery's Permanent Collection includes a number of artworks in other media. These include stained glass art by Harry Clarke (The Eve of St Agnes, 1924); Maud Cotter; James Scanlon (Le Coeur parle au Coeur, 1995); photo montages by Willie Doherty (Evergreen Memories, 1988), and Alanna O'Kelly (Country Blooms, a Garden and a Grave, 1990); and contemporary installation art video from Dorothy Cross.

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