Fermanagh Visual Arts
Cultural History, Famous Painters/Sculptors (like William Scott), Exhibitions and Art Galleries.

County Fermanagh, Ulster

Note: For an outline of Celtic culture
along with ancient artworks of the
Celts, see: Celtic Art. For details of
the earliest styles, which influenced
so many Irish metalworkers during
the renaissance of the early Christian
era, see: Hallstatt (c.800-450 BCE)
and La Tene (c.450-50 BCE).

Visual Arts in County Fermanagh

The westernmost county of Northern Ireland in the province of Ulster, County Fermanagh has a population of 55,000 and its capital is Enniskillen. Owing to its scenic lakes, it is sometimes referred to as the 'lakeland paradise'.

Early Visual Art

Celtic High Crosses were one of Ireland's greatest contributions to European sculpture during the Dark Ages between the fall of Rome and the Renaissance. An important surviving example of this medieval form of Irish art is the Boho High Cross of County Fermanagh, which stands in the graveyard of the Sacred Heart Church in Toneel. Eight feet in height and carved out of sandstone, its engraved iconography comprises scenes from the Old Testament Book of Genesis and the Baptism of Christ.

Still Life With Frying Pan,
by Fermanagh artist William Scott.
For a list of buildings/sites of
historical, architectural or
artistic significance, see:
Architectural Monuments Ireland and
Archeological Monuments Ireland.

Famous Modern Artists

There are several celebrated Irish artists from County Fermanagh, specializing in a variety of genres, like landscape painting and still life, in watercolours and oils.

They include: Kathleen Bridle (Portraits, Portraiture, Teacher); TP Flanagan, (Watercolour Landscapes); William Scott, (Abstract Painter: Still Lifes, Landscapes); William Crampton Gore, (Still Life Oil Painter, Flower Artist); Gerard McGourty, (Contemporary Artist); Marcus Patton, (Watercolourist, Pen and Ink Artist and Illustrator). There seem to be few practitioners of Irish sculpture.


Art Centres and Venues

County Fermanagh is home to several art venues, including:

Enniskillen Castle, whose Heritage Centre presents the permanent collections of the Fermanagh County Museum illustrating Fermanagh's history, wildlife and landscapes. Included in its annual calendar are temporary exhibitions of history, arts and local events.

Belleek Pottery
The flamboyantly decorated Parian ceramics made at Belleek, a tiny village in south-west Fermanagh, since 1857 has become world-renowned. At the pottery centre, visitors can view the production process for themselves, including the hand-crafting process of the basketware designs that characterise Belleek and the hand-painting process of the designs.

Higher Bridges Gallery (028-6632-5050), accomodated in the Bill Clinton Centre in central Enniskillen, town, aims to advance community arts in rural areas by promoting both the Visual arts and Crafts Sector at grass roots level. In addition, its program includes displaying high quality Irish art throughout the rural community.

Other art venues include: Basement Gallery, Enniskillen (02866-325798); Riverview Art Gallery, Enniskillen (02866-322030); Setanta Gallery, Irvinestown (02868-628955); Space Gallery, Lisnaskea (02867-722122).

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