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County Cavan, Ulster Province
Republic of Ireland.

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Visual Arts in County Cavan

Lying on the border with Northern Ireland in the province of Ulster, County Cavan (An Cabhan) is a county in the Republic of Ireland. Its population is 56,546 and its capital is Cavan Town.

Iron Age Visual Arts in Cavan

The best surviving example of Celtic-style monumental art created in Ireland during the late iron age period 300-0 BCE, is the Turoe Stone in County Galway. However, Cavan's Killycluggin Stone is a similar example of Irish sculpture, carved in the traditional Celtic La Tène style.

Note: For an introduction to Celtic culture and the ancient artifacts of the Celts, see: Celtic Art. For facts about the two earliest styles, which influenced so many Irish artists during the golden age of the early Christian era in Ireland, see: Hallstatt (c.800-450 BCE) and the La Tene culture (c.450-50 BCE).

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Contemporary Visual Arts Venues

Established since 1996, Cavan County Museum displays an extensive collection of Irish art illustrating the historic, economic and social development of County Cavan. Other artworks, many from the Farnham Estate Collection, include paintings, prints, drawing, miniatures and sculpture, featuring works by Irish artists such as Stephen Slaughter, J.M. Wright, Charles Jervas, and by English painters Angelica Kaufmann and Sir Thomas Lawrence. In addition, the new library in Cootehill and Bailieborough host an annual program of community and arts events.

County Cavan Art Collection

Working through the National Per Cent for Art Scheme, which facilitates the purchase of Irish art by emerging and established artists, and by a Peoples Art Purchase Initiative, Cavan County Council continues to seek ways of augmenting its County Art Collection. For example, 140 photographic artworks by Tom Hussey - a powerful visual record of landscapes, streetscapes and historic monuments - were purchased not long ago and now hang in Council buildings across the county.

Cavan Visual Artists' Network

This local organization of 30 Artists, many of whom exhibit their paintings and sculpture on a regular basis, welcomes any visual artists living in or returning to Cavan. To contact the group, phone: 049-4337820.

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