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Launched in April 2008, visual-arts-cork.com is a completely independent online resource. We are not associated in any way with any professional artist, or arts organization. We receive no fees, commissions or associated "benefits in kind" from any outside source. We receive approximately 9.5 million visitors per annum, mostly art students and teachers.

Our Aim

Our aim is to explain the evolution of visual art with reference to the world's greatest artists, their paintings and sculptures, architecture and photography.

Our Editorial Content

In addition to over 5,000 images of traditional and contemporary artworks, we feature thousands of articles on the history of fine art, the main painting genres, art movements, periods and styles, as well as hundreds of artist-biographies, and reviews of museums and galleries. Over the next 5 years we plan to add thousands of additional images, and broaden our scope to include all aspects of visual art from across the globe.

Our Editorial Policy

We run an open editorial policy, and welcome contributions from all viewpoints, although we reserve the right to edit submissions.

Our Editorial Staff

• Neil Collins MA LLB (Editor)
• Áine Ni Muireadhaigh (Deputy Editor)

Our Sources

Unless otherwise stated, all articles are written by our editor Neil Collins MA LLB.

Research information is derived from online sources and encyclopedia data in the public domain. Regarding our articles on Irish art, we have in addition consulted a wide range of hard-copy reference works, of which the following have been most prominent. (1) Dictionary of Irish Artists, Vols I and II, Walter Strickland (Dublin & London, 1913). (2) Dictionary of Irish Artists: 20th Century, Theo Snoddy (Dublin, 2006). (3) Ireland's Painters: 1600-1940, Anne Crookshank and the Knight of Glin (Yale University 2002). (4) Irish Art: 1830-1990, Brian Fallon (Belfast, 1994). (5) Irish Art: A Concise History, Bruce Arnold (London, 2002). We would like to take this opportunity of acknowledging the valuable data and scholarship of these works of reference, without which no serious study of Irish fine art is possible.


All content on this website is strictly copyright. All rights reserved. No content published on this website may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the express prior permission of the Editor.

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