Katrina Collins
Contemporary Irish Painter

Cafe (2007)

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Katrina Collins (b.1976)

Born in County Kerry, Katrina Collins is one of several Irish artists who have returned to Ireland to pursue their art on native soil. Her quirky figurative compositions have proved popular with collectors and art-lovers in Ireland and on the Continent. Although largely self-taught, Collins has worked under contemporary portraitists and genre-painters both in the UK and Germany. Recently, after six years in Germany, she returned to Ireland.

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An active member with the Schwabing Atelier group in Munich, she participated in two group shows at the Neue Pinakothek, and had her first solo show at the Münchener Volkshochschule in 2000, exhibiting a range of oils and watercolours, as well as acrylics. In addition, she has shown her works at a number of commercial exhibitions in Cork, Kerry and Dublin.

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Influences and Style

Inspired by the colour painting of artists as diverse as Henri Matisse and Mark Rothko, and by the subject matter of painters like Edward Hopper and Jack Vettriano, Collins' figurative paintings are notable for their bright palette as well as their modern urban themes.

At present she specializes in acrylics on canvas and mixed media, including collage, and is exploring ceramic art with a view to producing a range of painted ware.

Collins accepts commissions for house and pet portraits, as well as framed works for hotels and restaurants, from interior designers and private collectors.

Our Opinion

Like many contemporary painters who as yet lack an established signature style, Collins has been affected by the global recession, which has pulverized the market prospects for postmodernist art around the world. As a result, it may be some time before her works recover their earlier value.

Review written by Neil Collins (Editor) (June 2008).

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